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Attorney Martin Kaufman

The Kaufman Law firm is a full service firm focused on obtaining a just result for victims of civil rights violations that result from police misconduct in Los Angeles, inland empire, and throughout Southern and Northern California. If you have been victimized by the police or other law enforcement officials, you need to turn to an experienced civil rights attorney who will fight for you and represent your interests. Perhaps your rights have been violated by government officials, or the police. Your only option is to contact an experienced Southern California based civil rights attorney who will provide you with a free consultation so that you may see if there is a remedy available to you to compensate you for the violation of your constitutional rights. The Kaufman Law Firm has recovered millions for its clients and is backed by AV rated trial lawyer, Martin J. Kaufman. With this team behind you, you can feel confident that you found the right firm to handle your case.

Attorney Martin Kaufman founder of The Kaufman Law Firm, APC, is a Los Angeles native that knows his clients and the experience they have while facing police brutality firsthand. Many of his clients experience what it is like to have a taser used on them for no justifiable reason, or to have a gun pointed or fired at them, without cause. As such, Mr. Kaufman clearly understands what victims undergo when they experience police misconduct. He is a seeker of justice and is here to help those victims who otherwise do not have a voice.

Many of his clients have and are pursing claims for police misconduct, including those who are victims of false arrest, police shootings and wrongful death, as a result, The Kaufman Law Firm and Martin Kaufman know how the police operate, where the evidence is located, what the proper police procedures are, how police defend against such allegations as excessive force and taser abuse.

Martin Kaufman: A Civil Rights Lawyer Fighting For Your Rights

Although The Kaufman Law Firm is a boutique firm, it has a very experienced team of attorneys that consistently represent clients in very high profile cases. Many of these actions involve cases where the stakes are high, including those where the local city brings on a team of defense attorneys to avoid responsibility for their officers’ misconduct and illegal behavior, such as when police officers shoot and kill without cause. Mr. Kaufman brings with him his pedigree as an AV (highest) rated lawyer, with 23 years of skill as a trial attorney.

Your Civil Rights are so very important. Regrettably, in recent years, law enforcement has forgotten this, and many officers fail to recognize the need to protect citizens’ rights. If your rights have been impeded, who will you turn to? You need a lawyer that has and will fight hard to ensure that you have a voice and that your rights come to light when the government attempts to ignore them. Martin Kaufman will make sure that the law will be employed to protect you where possible, and legal action will be taken against those who exploit your civil rights.
Perhaps you are victim of a constitutional rights violation by the police or government. Laws exist to protect you and under our constitutional system, the courts are here to ensure that you have an avenue to be heard.

Are You a Victim of Police Brutality or Excessive Force?

Law enforcement officials must be held accountable for their actions. If they are at fault, for instance, and have used excessive force, they are at fault if your civil rights are violated in the process. The police will not be let off the hook merely because they are the “police.” Unfortunately, recent history has shown us that in today’s environment of the “mechanized police force” there are many examples where local law enforcement has overstepped their boundaries, and actually lost sight of the difference between right and wrong. Unfortunately, some police officers do not follow the law, and in the process, they trample on your civil rights.

With The Kaufman Law Firm and attorney Martin J. Kaufman you have found the most dedicated group of advocates who are here to help you hold accountable those individuals and institutions who have wronged you. We truly care about our clients on a personal level and will unquestionably take all steps legally permissible to achieve a favorable result for you. Whether you have experienced unlawful search & seizure, failure to intervene, due process violations or a wrongful conviction, The Kaufman Law Firm stands ready to begin work for you as we deploy a strategy designed to recover compensation for you should your case have merit.

Your civil rights are so very important. You need the most skilled lawyers who are by your side, to protect those rights. Contact The Kaufman Law Firm at (213) 239-9400 to schedule a free case consultation or fill out our free evaluation form on this website so that one of our attorneys can review your case. We will determine whether your constitutional civil rights have been violated and if so, we will be prepared to find the appropriate remedy for the wrongdoing committed.


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