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Southern California and Los Angeles in particular leads the country in many areas: number of rock star residents; the amount of films and television produced; the diversity of races and religions present; and perhaps the number of places to get delicious tacos. But with all of the people who rely on cars and trucks to get around the Southland, we also find ourselves at the top of many lists relating to automotive accidents. Recently, one of our most famous freeways, Interstate 10, or “The 10” as it is known among locals, found itself on the list of the ten most dangerous interstates in the US.

Over 2,000 People Have Died on ‘The 10’ in the Past Six Years

While you may think of I-10 as your daily commute, or the way you get to Dodger Stadium or the beaches in Malibu, I-10 actually goes far beyond California, stretching from Santa Monica 2,460 miles east to Jacksonville, Florida. Between the years 2010-2015, there were .85 deaths due to accidents per mile on I-10, or approximately 2,090 deaths. This fatality rate makes I-10 the 7th most dangerous interstate in the US according to a survey done by the driving app Eversafe based on statistics culled from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Fatality Analysis Report System. It is the sixth year in a row the I-10 has made the list of most dangerous interstates.

The survey indicates that the I-10’s path through Arizona, Texas, and Florida was especially dangerous, but we all know from the daily news and our own experience driving along the I-10 that numerous accidents occur on the I-10 in Los Angeles and surrounding areas on a daily basis.

The Other Nine Most Dangerous Interstates

Notably, of the other nine interstates on the list, only one other was over 400 miles long. The other interstates that made the most dangerous interstate list include:

  • Interstate 4 (1.41 fatalities per mile)
  • Interstate 45 (1.24 fatalities per mile)
  • Interstate 17 (1.03 fatalities per mile)
  • Interstate 30 (1.03 fatalities per mile)
  • Interstate 95 (0.89 fatalities per mile)
  • Interstate 19 (0.88 fatalities per mile)
  • Interstate 37 (0.8 fatalities per mile)
  • Interstate 26 (0.8 fatalities per mile)
  • Interstate 97 (0.79 fatalities per mile)

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