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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have a case?

Determining whether you have a right to pursue compensation can be determined quickly by one of our legal team. If you have been injured due to the negligent actions of another person such as in cases of auto accidents, animal attacks, or dangerous drugs, medical malpractice and others, then it is likely that you have the right to file a claim against the negligent parties. Any valid claim must have documented damages such as medical costs, loss of income, pain and suffering or other damages.

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What types of personal injury can a person suffer?

The different types of injuries a person may sustain during a serious accident caused by another’s negligence can vary greatly. Many victims of various accidents can suffer through lacerations, broken bones, internal bleeding, organ failure, paralysis, head and brain injuries, and lasting effects that result in long-term and even permanent disability, with the most serious consequence of a negligence-related accident being the death of a loved one.

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What are the consequences of a serious personal injury?

Aside from obvious physical, mental and emotional personal injuries that occur from accidents, there are other consequences that may take some time to fully come to light. When personal injury victims seek medical attention for damages sustained in an accident, they must cover the costs associated with treatment and recovery. These expenses can increase dramatically, and may quickly reach up to hundreds of thousands in many serious injury cases. When injuries sustained are severe enough to limit the victim from making a living, this must be addressed in your claim, and thus the need for a seasoned injury attorney may be critical to the success of any claim for financial compensation.

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Which types of expenses could be recovered in a personal injury claim?

In short, any expense incurred as a result of your personal injury may be covered in a settlement or civil court judgment. This includes medical expenses related to diagnosis, recovery and rehabilitation, physical therapy, and medication for pain or recovery to name a few. Moreover, if the victim is unable to continue making a living due to personal injury, then the negligent party may also be required to compensate the victim adequately in order to provide them with the same lifestyle they have grown accustomed to before the accident occurred.

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How can I pursue financial compensation for my personal injury?

The best action for any personal injury victim in L.A., Inland Empire, Southern and Northern California to take is to enlist the services of an experienced, qualified attorney from The Kaufman Law Firm and trial lawyer, Martin Kaufman. Our firm is dedicated to providing the highest quality level of representation to all clients for all matters related to personal injury. We will work closely with our clients to determine the best strategy for success, and our compelling case for compensation may be the difference in winning your case.

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