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Personal injuries are, unfortunately, an encounter that many of us will face at some point in our lives. Serious injuries, when caused by the negligent action, or inaction, or another person may form the basis for claims in civil court as a consequence to car accidents, medical malpractice, defective products, dangerous drug and many others. One of the main motivations for filing a personal injury claim against a negligent party is to seek compensation for medical costs associated with recovery, as well as wages lost due to inability to work.

The Kaufman Law Firm and its principal Martin J. Kaufman have over 23 years of experience representing personal injury victims throughout the Southern California area. It takes a trial lawyer such a Mr. Kaufman, who is dedicated to professionally handle a case that will result in a settlement offer or favorable civil judgment at trial. No surprise, The Kaufman Law Firm and Martin Kaufman have obtained millions of dollars in compensation for our clients over their 23 year legal career.

We carefully examine the details of your case to identify the most powerful evidence supporting such personal injury claims, and then build a compelling case which will maximize your recovery.
Our reputation speaks for itself as specialists in personal injury claims. We make it our top priority to provide clients with the necessary time, effort and respect they deserve. Our firm understands that each case is paramount in importance to you, the client, and we will keep you informed of any meaningful action taken in your claim.

Types of Injuries

Injuries that result from personal injury cases are often very serious and lead to long-term disabilities. Throughout the recovery process, many victims are unable to return to work and therefore suffer financial as well as emotionally. Brain injuries can result from a blow to the head, a fall, or whiplash from a vehicle collision. What is dangerous about these injuries is that they are internal and therefore not visible to the eye. Burns can be sustained in industrial plants or manufacturing plants from any number of sources. Explosions, toxic chemicals, and heated liquids are just some of the dangers people need to be aware of. There is perhaps nothing more heartbreaking to a parent than to see their child suffer. Birth injuries can result from medical malpractice as well as from accidents. Erb’s Palsy and Cerebral Palsy could actually result from doctor errors and you should seek to defend your rights if this tragedy has happened to you.

Our legal team has exceptional qualifications and an impressive record of success. We are known for our aggressive approach with insurance companies, and our unrelenting pressure on them to come through with fair compensation. We know how to negotiate with insurance companies, and our trial lawyer are more than willing to take the case to court for judgment if our client’s claim is not satisfied fairly.

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If you have been the victim of a personal injury or are not receiving the workers, compensation benefits you deserve, you need to have the best legal representation available. Our firm does not waste your time by working only for what is offered in terms of a first settlement. We will always fight to see that you get every penny of financial compensation that you are entitled to, regardless of how much the negligent party or organization is willing to pay to settle out of court. Our main concern is securing the financial compensation you deserve based on the extent of your injuries, the costs associated with recovery, and your ability to maintain the life you enjoyed prior to the negligent act. There is nothing more important to us than the well-being of our clients, and we demonstrate that with each and every winning personal injury case in the history of our firm. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation.


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