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$5,000,000 Judgment Against Internet Co. Partner in Partnership Dispute;

$5,000,000 Settlement Against a National Car Rental Agency for Wrongful Death and Personal Injuries;

$3,000,000 Recovered for Victims of the Grass Valley Fires Involving Multiple Parties;

$3,500,000 Settlement Against a World-wide Religious Order for Molestation;

$3,000,000 Wrongful Death Settlement Against Veolia Transporation and City of Los Angeles;

$2,500,000 Settlement Against a Major US Corporation;

$1,450,000 Recovered Against a Major Accounting Firm for Sexual Harassment;

$1,000,000 Settlement Against Roofing Material Company for Burns and Related Injuries;

$1,000,000 Settlement Against a Los Angeles Nightclub for Assault on a Patron, Causing Head Injuries;

$850,000 Recovered Against a Home Products Company for Sexual Harassment and assault;

$750,000 Settlement Against a Los Angeles Nightclub and Security Company for Assault and Injuries;

$700,000 Settlement Against a National Nightclub Owner for an Assault on a Patron;

$670,000 Trial Against State Farm Insurance Company, Insured. Settled for $900,000;

$550,000 Settlement In a Discrimination Suit in Favor of Latino Plaintiffs Against a Community Work Center;

$460,000 Settlement Against a Local Concert Venue for a Shooting Incident;

$250,000 Settlement Against the US Government for Negligent Operation of a Vehicle;

$250,000 Settlement Against Major Amusement Park Operator for a Trip and Fall Accident;

$160,000 Settlement Against a State Farm Insurance Company Insured for a Cycling Accident;


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